Save Time of your client-facing Teams

Don't make your employees manually check for new openings at companies they plan to contact and make an offer. Put all these checks on autopilot so that you don't waste your employees' valuable time.

Avoid wasting time
searching through the platforms

No need to look through LinkedIn or job boards over and over again. Your Salespeople's time should be used more productive!

Speed up the flow of leads
to the Top of the Funnel

Once you tell us what kind of leads you are looking for, we will set up our platform to cherry-pick and regularly deliver the most relevant leads to you


Nurture Accounts of your Existing Clients

Your existing client is hiring a new team? Seize the opportunity! Whether it's software licenses, office furniture, medical insurance, or any other vital requirement, now is the moment to make your move! Here's how we see it in general:

You have a Client

... their 10 employees use 10 pcs. of your Product per month

... and they announced hiring 10 more employees

This means you have to contact your Client and make an offer to supply x2 of your Product!


Score Your Leads Better

We're helping you set the right priorities as to who you should sell to first.

It's actually quite simple: if they're hiring, they're more likely to accept your offer, and, therefore, more important to you. Hiring means that your potential Clients:

Expanding operations

Launching new products

Need help with routines